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To CONDUCT RESEARCH to find as many descendents still living in Hampton and around our nation.
To CREATE COHESIVE LINKS with churches and organizations that were organized by Contraband Slaves throughout Hampton Roads and around our nation.
To NETWORK, sharing historical documentation, which will allow us to establish an archive of artifacts and information to be housed in a center built by descendents of contraband slaves and our historical society.
To CREATE EDUCATIONAL OPPORTUNITIES for children, which will give them a broader understanding of slavery and encourage them to consider another view of the slave issue as interpreted by the descendents of former slaves.
To CONDUCT LECTURES and MULTIMEDIA PRESENTATIONS, which will invite notable scholars, authors, performers, and artists to present education/entertainment venues.

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Contraband Slaves


The descendants of the Contraband made enormous contributions to the global village in which we all live. Song, dance, art, drama, music, literature, scientific discoveries, inventions, sports, religion, and historical records of family ties are but a few of the legacies handed down from generation to generation for all the world to enjoy, despite their human suffering.

Ex-slaves working for the Union Army
Slaves worked for the Union Army at Fort Monroe. Men earned eight dollars a month for labor.

Women working for the Union Army
Women earned six dollars a month as launderers for Union soldiers.

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